Management & support group


Close work


The Project Management Group at BIFI supports all members of the institute in the conception, writting and application phases for funding new projects. We also encourage the transfer of knowledge to society. In addition, it collaborates with the rest of management services of the University of Zaragoza (OTRI, OPE, SGI, Red Aragon FP7) and with other forums like Tecnoebro, INZA, IDIA.


Services for BIFI groups


The tasks carried out by the Project Management Unit at BIFI are:


  • Detection of a financing or transfer capabilities of each group

  • Detection public and private funding opportunity, in national and international levels

  • Design and application of new collaborative projects and further management

  • Protection of results, generation of patents and promotion of spin offs creation

  • Information of the BIFI's scientific and technology offer as well as promoting the services delivered for companies and society

  • Response to demands for innovation and open collaboration between different actors

  • Interaction with other technology developers

  • BIFI representation on common platforms and business research




In the last two years, the management and support group has helped to achieve a very satisfactory numbers, summarized in 20 approved projects (FP7, MICINN, FECYT, DGA, Check Technology) amounting to some 3 million euros. It has created a network of contacts between research institutions and companies worldwide. It should be noted the high degree of acceptance of proposals, obtaining a 75% success rate in projects 7th Framework Programme (2011: 3 of 4 projects accepted). Only BIFI computing area has grown to 10% of active European projects across the University of Zaragoza.




It is important to maintain the external funding rate received both nationally and internationally. And it's time to increase the transfer of results through patenting, creation of new spin-off and generating new business innovation projects. Making public announcements projects in competitive bidding is not easy nor is work one day and, unfortunately, at this time is even more complicated both by public and private. But BIFI has a valuable research excellence and we continue to find appropriate financing opportunities for each project, and we will make new applications that show the quality of work we do and we want to make to the social growth of Aragon.