The innovative character BIFI is demonstrated by the everybody daily work within the Institute. We  are always open to new challenges and collaborations, both with companies and with other scientific institutions, even students. Based on a a excellent basic research, BIFI offers its services to the society by transferring their scientific knowledge in advanced  techniques and technologies.


BIFI ensures commitment and efficient organization, delivering the best of our people. Our obligation is to ensure optimal use of public funds and, after nearly a decade ofexistence, we have excellent returns, both scientifically and economically. First level results have been generated  getting most of the funds from public calls in competitive calls, nationally and internationally.




If you have any question  about our work or you want to propose some kind of collaboration, tell us what you need. You can reach the Project Management Unit by telephone +34 876555413 or send an email to E-Mail Image

We will study your case and we will answer in the shortest time possible.