A novel brain partition highlights the modular skeleton shared by structure and function

Published on 2016-04-27 15:31 CEST

Speaker: Dr. Jesús M. Cortés (Hospital Univ. Cruces, Barakaldo)

Date & location: Friday 6th May 2016, 12:30 (CEST). SALA DE CONFERENCIAS, EDIFICIO I+D+i, CAMPUS RIO EBRO

Elucidating the intricate relationship between brain structure and function, both in healthy and pathological conditions, is a key challenge for modern neuroscience. Recent progress in neuroimaging has helped  advance our understanding of this important issue, with diffusion images providing information about structural connectivity (SC) and functional magnetic resonance imaging shedding light on resting state functional connectivity (rsFC). Here, we adopt a systems approach, relying on modular hierarchical clustering, to study together SC and rsFC datasets gathered independently from healthy human subjects. 
Our novel approach allows us to find a common skeleton shared by structure and function from which a new, optimal, brain partition can be extracted. We describe the emerging common structure-function modules (SFMs) in detail and compare them with commonly employed anatomical or functional parcellations. Our results underline the strong correspondence between brain structure and resting state dynamics as well as the emerging coherent organization of the human brain. 
Reference: Diez et al., Scientific Reports 5: 10532 (2015)